Is Naruto Worthless Without Kurama?


Naruto lost Kurama during his fight with Isshiki. Due to using Baryon mode, Kurama used up all of his chakra and died. Naruto was unaware of the cost of the win and only came to know it after the battle.

After Naruto lost Kurama, he grew significantly weak. He can no longer fight the same level of opponents that he used to. However, he has not become worthless.

Naruto Uzumaki was a strong Shinobi before using Kurama's power. He has a lot of Jutsu in his arsenal and can use them.

The strongest jutsu currently for him is his sage mode. Naruto can now perfect sage mode now that Kurama is no longer sealed inside him. 

In addition to the sage mode, Naruto has his Rasengan, and some chakra from other tailed beasts as well. He is the reincarnation of Ashura and is strong due to this fact. 

In addition, he belongs to the Uzumaki clan and they have high reserves of Chakra. Therefore, whilst his chakra reserves are not as much as before, they are still much bigger than any Shinobi.

He has also become much more experienced and powerful than when he was a teenager and can now fight better than before. 

Therefore, whilst Naruto has indeed grown significantly weaker, he has not yet become worthless. 

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