Is Pixar Returning To Its Form With 'Elemental'?

Pixar is returning to its form with its new animation ‘Elemental’. The acclaimed studio has released the first trailer for its upcoming 27th feature ‘Elemental’, set to release next year.

Peter Sohn directed the animation who helmed Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’. Sohn noted that studying science as a young child inspired the story.

‘Elemental’ is set in a world where the four classic elements — fire, earth, water and air — are alive and coexist. The two main characters, Wade and Ember, are both young adults living in the city who meet each other and bump heads. In spite of their fundamental differences, the two develop a connection as they realize they have deeper similarities than what’s on the outside.

There are clouds that can float past the packed train car and stand on the ceiling; anthropomorphic grass clumps that sprout weeded flowers when they raise their hands to steady themselves; fluid water puddles that lose their lipstick in their own bodies and sneeze onto plant residents sitting nearby, fertilizing them.

When Ember finally finds a spot to stand, she’s thrust by a bump in the train, her headphones knocked to the ground. Reaching down to grab them, a drop of water from another resident lands atop her hand, extinguishing part of it for just a moment. The two introduce themselves: She’s Ember, he’s Wade, and suddenly, they’ve just begun the meet-cute for their own forbidden Romeo & Juliet romance.

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