Is Thanos An Eternal Or A Deviant?

In the MCU, Thanos was a genocidal tyrant who felt that the universe's enormous population would eventually exhaust all of its resources and perish. His goal was to provide stability to the galaxy by eliminating half of all life on every level. Thanos set out to find every Infinity Stone, believing that the combined power of the Stones would give him the strength enough to accomplish this task.

The Eternals and Deviants are interconnected. The godlike and eternal Celestials visited Earth 616 millenia ago. These early proto-humans were the subject of experiments by the Celestials, who produced three new genetic branches. These included the Deviants, followed by the Eternals, and a particular branch of baseline humans that housed the genetic enhancement seeds that eventually gave rise to mutants.

The Eternals were deployed to a variety of worlds to safeguard sentient life forms and help in their evolution in order to fuel a Celestial seed inside the planet that would absorb the energy produced by the sentient life forms. A total of ten of these Eternals came to guard humanity from the Deviants.

The Deviants are a massive, elite species of almost immortal beings that the Celestials genetically designed to assure the emergence of sapient life on the planets seeded with fledgling Celestials by eliminating the planet's top predators.

Thanos' parents were two Eternals who wanted to kill him because they believed he would be too dangerous for the other Eternals to be around, when the Deviants gene was found in him. Thanos is an Eternal, but he is a highly uncommon breed of Eternal since he also contains the Deviant gene inside of him, making him an extremely unique member of his species.

All in all, the mad Titan is a powerful mixture of both Eternal and Deviant.

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