James Gunn Announces The New DCU Slate


'Creature Commandos' They were introduced as a team of classic monsters assembled to fight Nazis. James Gunn will pen an animated series with a modern twist.

'Waller' The ruthless head of Task force-X, Amanda Waller, gets a personal spinoff series under the new James Gunn MCU era.

'Superman: Legacy' We'll see a version of a younger Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. It is scheduled for a theatrical release of July 11, 2025.

'Lanterns' It will center around the partnership between Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart in the vein of 'True Detective.' It is cited to be a major project for both film and television projects for the new DCU.

'The Authority' It will be based on a team of superheroes whose ideas of protecting the planet are more radical than most. Gunn and Safran have hinted that more DCU projects with shades of grey will appear.

'Paradise Lost' Set on the all-female island of Themyscira, it will be a fantasy and political drama in the ilk of 'Game Of Thrones.' It will precede the events of the 'Wonder Woman' films.

'The Brave and the Bold' This new chapter of DCU will feature a Batman meeting Damian, the son he never knew. Robert Pattinson will not be the caped crusader for this retelling of the Dark Knight.

'The Batman Sequel' Pattinson is still on Gunn's payroll and will return to play Batman for the Matt Reeves-helmed sequel. Titled 'The Batman Part II,' a release date of October 3, 2025, was announced for it.

'Booster Gold' and 'Swamp Thing' Described by Gunn as an "imposter syndrome as superhero.", Booster Gold will have its own HBO series. 'Swamp Thing' will be made into a horror film.

'Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow' Partly inspired by the recent television series come to Earth, we'll be introduced to a hard-core version of Superman's cousin.

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