James Gunn Conspired To Humiliate Henry Cavill As He Never Wanted Him Back As Superman?


Henry Cavill is one of those actors who has been praised for his performance as Superman although the films where he has been featured so far did not receive highly positive reviews.

After a long wait, Cavill reprised his role in Black Adam, which was released in 2022. However, the new head of DC Studios, James Gunn, once again removed him from the role.

Reports reveal that Gunn was working on Superman: Legacy even before he joined DC Studios and it was scheduled to start a new franchise.

This means that the chances of Cavill’s return as Superman were considered to be very minimal and although Dwayne Johnson tried to bring him back, things did not work out.

Superman: Legacy is reported to focus on a younger version of the superhero and despite not being an origin story, Cavill was not something that DCEU was exactly planning.

As mentioned earlier, Cavill’s appearance as Superman was loved by critics and audiences and this is the reason why people were frustrated with James Gunn’s decision to let Cavill let go of the role.

The Dark Superman that appeared in Zack Snyder’s Justice League was expected to bring something new to the franchise but that did not happen.

Cavill made his debut as Superman in Man of Steel in 2013 followed by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 and Justice League in 2017.

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