James Gunn criticizes the former leadership of DC for their strategy


James Gunn recently gained recognition after revealing the future plans for the DC Universe since Peter Safran’s vision would have been a failure.

Gunn has decided to revise everything and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn believed that the former leaders of the DC film company had a useless strategy.

Gunn even slammed the studio for how they treated Henry Cavill, stating that he was d**ked around. He mentioned that the history of DC has been messed up.

He continued and said that there was Arrowverse followed by the DCEU leading to Justice League directed by Joss Whedon and Snyderverse.

Gunn even said that there was Superman & Lois followed by Reevesverse and all of them are entirely different and then they did Suicide Squad.

Warner Bros. initially planned to handover the luck of DCEU to Zack Snyder but his first two projects were heavily criticized by the public.

Suicide Squad’s editing case was also trending at one point and people wanted to see the original cut made by David Ayer.

Gunn has been criticized for not considering Cavill for a role who was ready to return as Superman after making a cameo in Black Adam.

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