Jane Fonda Shares Concern Over Sydney Sweeney's ‘Barbarella’ Remake


Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney is reported to be the executive producer of 1968's Barbarella remake.

'Barbarella' is a sci-fi adventure, where a space spy of the same name has a mission to stop the evil scientist,  Durand Durand, from using his laser-powered weapon for ill use.

'Barbarella' while quite similar to James Bond was replete with moans, whipping, and a questionable pleasure-inducing-machine.

Recently, the old sadistic legacy was picked up by Sony Pictures to be remade. However, the original actress Jane Fonda was not so enthusiastic with the news.

When 'Barbarella' was released, it was not received well by critics. Upon hitting cinemas it was immediately tagged "cheap" and "sub-adolescent junk".

Perhaps the reception of the initial release has Jane sceptical of the remake's potential. She claims that she tries not to imagine how the film might turn out to be.

Jane stated to The Hollywood Reporter, " Because I worry about what it’s going to be" is her reasoning.

The details of director, cast or filming are yet to be released by Sony Pictures.

'Barbarella' is based on Jean-Claude Forest's comics of the same name. 

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