Net Worth of Zoe Saldaña And See Amazing Pictures


Zoe Saldaña came from Dominican Republic back to New York for High school and joined Theatre Groups. In 2000, she debuted with 'Center Stage'.

In 2003, she was starred alongside Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl'. She also starred in 'The Terminal' directed by Steven Spielsberg

She is called as the 'Queen of sequels', because she has some of the highest grossing franchise films including 'The Guardians of Galaxy, and now 'Avatar'

Zoe is also involved in many charity work like 'Shot@Lifwe', 'The Step Up Network', and FINCA. She has voiced her support for Autism and also directed a short film 'Kaylien' starring Bradley Cooper.

Since the success of 'Avatar', she has been face of many high-end brands like Calvin Klein, L'Oreal Paris, Avon, and others.

She has been married to an Italian artist Marco Perego since 2013 and they are blessed with three boys.

Saldaña owns a lavish abode in Hidden Valley Hills worth $8.7 million with area of 6,332 square feet.

Zoe is an entrepreneur too. She has launched a digital multimedia platform called 'BESE'. The net worth of the actress is $35 million

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