Jena Malone Opens Up On Her Sexual Assault On 'The Hunger Games' Set 


Jena Malone is talking about her experience of being sexually assaulted while filming 'Hunger Games.'

Jena Malone didn't name her abuser, but she has hinted it was a co-worker on the 'Catching Fire' set.

Jena Malone played Johanna Mason, the female tribute from District 7 in 'Catching Fire.' 

On February 28, she shared a picture on Instagram taken after 'Catching Fire' wrapped filming.

Source: Instagram

Filming in Paris "was extremely hard" for the actress, as someone she got close to on the set sexually assaulted her.

She added that the following years haven't been easy as she has tried to come to terms with her assault and find forgiveness towards herself and her abuser. 

Jena Malone concluded her post by saying she was "here for anyone who needs to talk or vent or open uncommunicated spaces within themselves."

She refused to name the person who assaulted her due to the "cancel-like culture" nowadays. Willow Shields, Malone's 'Hunger Games' co-star, expressed her sympathies and lent her support.

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