Jenna Ortega Opens Up About Being Unprofessional On Set Of ‘Wednesday’


Jenna Ortega has recently gained recognition for her appearance as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix supernatural comedy series Wednesday.

Ortega tried to portray the character in an authentic manner and for that, she suggested for a few changes to the script.

During her recent appearance, Ortega spoke about the things that were changed and mentioned that the things she did never made any sense to her character and that her involvement in a love triangle was not necessary.

She added that there were a few moments where she behaved unprofessionally on the sets of the series and specifically where she changed a few lines.

The script supervisor witnessed that she was up to something and while she had to sit down with the writers, they used to question on what happened to the scene.

Ortega said that she was protective of the character she played and was not satisfied with the emotional portions and that the dance sequence was supposed to be a flash mob scene.

She stated that she was supposed to start dancing and everyone was supposed to follow after that. She then realized why she will be fine with that and that it is better to have Wednesday knock someone out.

Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, Wednesday premiered on November 23, 2022 and received positive reviews from critics. It has been already renewed for a second season.

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