Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Argue Over Alcohol


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are currently one of the most popular couples in today’s entertainment industry and a recent incident has raised a few eyebrows.

The duo seemed to have some issues with each other during the premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie, Shotgun Wedding.

A video also went viral on TikTok where the pair were spotted having an intense conversation which was related to Affleck’s drinking habits.

The video features Lopez tasting Affleck’s drink and she then takes a sip. She then gives a stern look at Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez turns away and tries to ignore Affleck and Affleck continues to shout Lopez’s name as she walks away.

Affleck and Lopez tied the knot in 2022 and they previously separated back in 2004. Affleck had drinking problems for a long time and Lopez had once stated that she would not bear Affleck’s old habits.

Affleck’s upcoming projects include three films titled Air, The Flash and Hypnotic. Among these three, Air is produced and directed by Affleck himself.

Lopez will next appear in two films that include the action drama film, The Mother followed by the science fiction film, Atlas.

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