Jennifer Lopez's Grammy Awards Dress Helped Invent Google Image Search


For all those who might be unaware of the fact, Jennifer Lopez’s wore a dress which was so impressive that it brought some changes to the internet.

She wore the outfit for the Grammy Awards in 2000 and it had emerald green and blue palm leaf printed on it.

The gown’s neckline plunges through her navel and had a central split which almost revealed everything. The outfit was loved by the attendees.

During the 20th anniversary of the dress, Lopez stated that the dress was provocative and that when people saw her, they wondered what would happen next.

It was the most searched query on Google at the time and the same was also confirmed by former Google CEO and executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

The Google Image Search results mostly included website links and text and the Versace gown became an important part of the search engine.

Jennifer Lopez will next appear in the upcoming action drama film, The Mother, directed by Niki Caro and it is scheduled to release on May 12, 2023 on Netflix.

Lopez will also play an important role in the upcoming science fiction thriller film, Atlas, which is directed by Brad Peyton.

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