Jeremy Renner’s Halloween Secret Stuns Scarlett Johannson


The Kelly Clarkson Show took viewers back to an interview with Scarlett Johannson where the Marvel's Black Widow was left agog.

The show shared Kelly Extra Takes where Kelly revealed shocking news about Scar Jo's fellow actor in Marvel, Jeremy Renner. 

Jeremy Renner plays Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in the Marvel franchise. Kelly narrated to Scarlett that Jeremy used his Hawkeye costume for Halloween last year. 

Scarlett was stunned by the news. Marevl has a reputation for strict and rigid rules when it comes to its films. Laughingly Scarlett wondered if the that was even allowed by the actors.

However, Kelly reasoned that Jeremy is "sorry, dont ask permission" kind of person, to which Scarlett agreed. 

Subsequently, the 'Jo Jo Rabit' actress confessed that she might not be able to pull off something similar. 

Scarlett said she is "very by the books". The black widow adamantly followes Marvel's rules. Scarlett in her 10 years time with Marvel she constantly feared spilling the beans. 

Scarlett wore a tan brown leather pant suit paired with vibrant aqua colour nailpaint.

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