Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Hollywood’s Ozempic Use For Weight Loss


Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue at the Oscars 2023 was a topic of discussion on social media along with other minor instances that happened at the event.

During his monologue, he joked about Hollywood’s use of Ozempic and he even pointed out the shocking weight loss around the room, joking if Ozempic is right for him.

The drug is said to be a treatment for diabetes but has changed to a solution for weight loss and has been a topic of conversations because different celebrities and reality stars have shown off their new figures.

There have been a few who have accepted the use of Ozempic except a few others like Golnesa Gharachedaghi who has given details on how she injects herself.

However, Kyle Richards denied on different occasions that she used Ozempic in order to get a fit figure for herself.

Richards explained that she never heard about it when she was accused of the same but she had already lost a lot of weight by the time.

She added that the one thing she does not want to get lost in this is that she wishes to be someone who can be an inspiration for others.

Kyle ended by saying that she stopped drinking around seven months ago and that she does not ear bad and avoids sugar, pizza, donuts and carbs.

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