Jiren Vs Beerus: Who Is More Powerful? 


Jiren has proven to be one of the strongest no-god characters on Dragon Ball. Beerus is the god of destruction for universe 7. Let's find out who would win in a battle between both of them. 

Jiren is the strongest warrior of universe 11. He has many tricks up his sleeve and gave Goku a run for his money in the tournament of power. He was ultimately defeated by mastered ultra instinct Goku however. 

Beerus is the god of destruction for universe 7 and quite possibly the strongest amongst all the gods of destruction. 

He has never shown his true potential, but he has proven many times why he is one of the strongest characters in the franchise.

It was once said that Jiren is stronger than gods of destruction but that is not true. Beerus especially wins against Jiren. 

Jiren is an exceptional fighter but Beerus beats him where it counts. If it was a battle of strength and speed alone, Jiren would win with no difficulty. Unfortunately for him, that is not all there is to the fight. 

Beerus has many magical and energy manipulation abilities. That added to his ultra instinct makes him one of the strongest gods of destruction. 

Between Beerus and Jiren, Beerus easily wins. Jiren was defeated by Goku in his MUI form. Beerus himself knows ultra instinct, add to that his godly powers and Beerus wins easily. 

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