John Oliver Roasts Ron DeSantis’ Disturbing Dating Tactic

Written By Khevna Shah

After winning their sixth WGA Award for Best Comedy/Variety Talk Series, John Oliver and his team of writers shared one of the most bizarre fact about Ron DeSanti.

As it turns out the Florida governor has a bizarre dating tactic, which was also confirmed by the governor’s former classmates.

Ron DeSanti got married in 2009 to Casy. But prior to the marriage the governor had a very active dating life.

He used a disturbing tactic to weed out the girlfriends who wouldnt be a wife material.

Oliver explained, “According to a former classmate, DeSantis would apparently tell dates he liked Thai food, which so far seems fine except Ron would pronounce it as thigh food”.

The aspiring politician would do that on purpose. "And if they corrected him, he would make up an excuse and leave because, ‘he didn’t want a girlfriend who corrected him."

This bizzare tactic explains a lot about DeSantis' governing style.

Oliver seemed disturbed and truely horrified when he tried to imagine how such a date might have turned out to be.

Further in the show, Oliver described Fox News’ loyalty towards DeSantis by saying, “I’ll put it this way: If Fox News ever went on a date with Ron DeSantis, they definitely wouldn’t correct him when it called it ‘thigh food."

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