John Oliver Slams 'Law & Order' 

In his 'Last Week Tonight' show, John Oliver slammed the 'Law & Order' franchise for selling a "complete fantasy" of law enforcement. We all know in our criminal justice system, there are two separate yet equally important groups: The police, who investigate the crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. However, Oliver is calling them out as "bull****".

According to the host, the series sells "a complete fantasy that too many people in this country are only too willing to buy." He goes on to call it a "commercial" for a "defective product." "If a medical show was giving us inaccurate information, we would say it's dangerous," Oliver said. If 'Grey's Anatomy' put forth inaccurate details about vaccines, he argued, "we'd probably be having a conversation about it, [and] that's essentially what Law & Order is doing."

He pointed out that rather than "depicting a flawed system riddled with structural racism," the show portrays "exceptionally competent cops working within a largely fair framework that mostly convicts white people."

Oliver also pointed out that the show is essentially serving as a propaganda for the police and  “makes a lot of choices that significantly distort the big picture of police.”

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