Meghan Markle’s Legal Battle With Sister Scares Royal Family’s Coronation Plan


John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight aired after a long break and following his new appearance, he decided to take on Fox News Channel.

Oliver mentioned about the court filings that were made public last week in a defamation lawsuit worth $1.6 billion against Fox News linked to the election fraud claims in 2020.

Dominion Voting Systems claimed that a few Fox News employees fueled false rumors of Dominio changing votes in the 2020 election.

Another claim was that Fox intentionally provided a platform for the guests so that they can provide false and defamatory statements.

According to the court filings, Fox News hosts were concerned about the allegations of voter fraud that happened during the presidential election in 2020.

Oliver started his show by saying that Fix News is a lie and that it provides other things instead off news and foxes.

John Oliver than held a CNN report of hosts showing that there have been many irregularities and according to him, the court filing shows the extent to which the hosts did not believe the thing they were selling.

He spoke about the claims where the hosts were charged of being concerned about losing viewers to other networks and that he and his show’s team always have a pressure to keep people tuning in.

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