'Joker: Folie Á Deux' Debuts First Look With Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga


After a highly discussed production of the 'Joker' sequel, Todd Philips shared the first image with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga.

This is the first time we've seen both Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in a teaser image.

In June 2022, Todd Philips confirmed a sequel was in development. He co-wrote the script with Scott Silver which is a musical.

Lady Gaga was cast as Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist who becomes emotionally embroiled with Joker.

'Joker: Folie Á Deux' is set in Arkham Asylum, where Arthur comes across Harley Quinn.

Despite controversies around its protagonist, 'Joker' had a successful run

'Joker' went on to rake in over a billion dollars globally. Joaquin Phoenix won the Best Actor trophy at the Oscars for portraying Arthur Fleck/Joker.

Part of James Gunn's 'DC Elseworlds' projects, 'Joker: Folie Á Deux' has a theatrical release date of October 4, 2024

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