Justin Bieber Seemingly Shades Ex Selena Gomez At His Birthday Party


Justin Bieber has been on the headlines in all these years for different reasons and the singer is once again trending on the internet for another reason.

Fans now believe that Justin Bieber shaded his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez amid her online dispute with his wife Hailey Bieber.

Pictures of an alleged party favor went viral over the weekend where attendees at Justin’s 29th birthday received an inscription saying that he is thankful that he did not end up with what he thought he wanted.

According to a source for Page Six, the object containing the inscription was a gift given to Justin Bieber and it was not a party favor.

The source mentioned that the inscription is not about the drama between Hailey and Selena and that it is not what people want it to be around.

The pictures angered the netizens who believed that the inscription was a direct hit at Gomez. The reactions have continued to pour in on different social media platforms.

There were others who disagreed and all those stated that the inscription could be anything and there is no proof that Gomez is their target.

The feud started back in 2018 when Justin and Hailey got engaged and Hailey and Selena seemed to have sorted out everything while they posed for a picture at a gala in 2022.

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