Kanye West Claims He Is Autistic

Nishant Bhise

Since 2016, Kanye West has been displaying erratic behavior. But, in 2018, he was medically diagnosed for bipolar disorder

His now ex-wife Kim Kardashian, in 2020, asked people to be empathetic towards Kanye amidst his Twitter rants and explosive statements.

Recently, he has been on a hate spree attacking the Black and the Jewish Community. People are claiming that his bipolar episodes have intensified.

Recently, in an interview, he compared himself to Dustin Hoffman from 'Rain Man', where Hoffman played a man with autism.

Kanye says that he does not have bipolar disorder. Instead, he claims that he is 'slightly autistic'. 

In 2013, when he tweeted 'June Eighteen', some people speculated that he may be referring to autism as June 18 is observed as 'Autism Pride Day'

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