Kate Middleton To “Pay The Price” For Harry And Meghan?

Yash Singh


The stepping down of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from their royal duties in 2020 changed a lot of things in the Royal family.

It might have an impact on Kate Middleton. Royal columnist Daniela Elser has said that their exit will make Middleton “pay the price.”

The loss of the Sussexes from the royal fold dealt the Royal Family not only a serious reputational blow but a hands-on one too,” she said.

She further said since Middleton and Prince Williams are the only two working members and so they might be taking on more responsibilities in the future.

And there is one person in particular who will end up paying the price for much of this tumult and change: Kate, the now Princess of Wales,” the columnist added.

The truth bombs dropped by Harry and Meghan on the docu-series have upset a lot of people including Middleton.

A source said that she feels “hurt and betrayed”, especially because “the pair used to be so close.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have been briefed about the show but they haven't seen it.

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