Kendall Jenner Reacts To Photoshop Fail Claims Over Her Bikini Photo


Kendall Jenner is well-known for being on the news headlines for different reasons and her social media posts are equally popular among the public.

Jenner’s fans have been accusing her of photoshopping a bikini picture because of her wild hand size and now her best friend Hailey Bieber has stepped in to support her.

Bieber posted an Instagram Story on Wednesday where she wrote that they are analyzing everything and that how Jenner’s hand look bizarre even if it’s normal.

Hailey then zoomed in to Jenner’s long hands and wrote that the video has been recorded live and it is a live footage of the hand.

Bieber clarified by saying that Kendall Jenner always had long hands and fingers but the social media users have not spotted it so far.

Jenner shared a few vacation pictures on Instagram including one where she was seen in a thong bikini which featured her backside.

However, social media users focused more on her fingers and a few others claimed that the size was looking similar to an AI hand.

Considering the clarification of Hailey Bieber, it has been proved that Kendall Jenner never edited her picture but the Kardashian family has been facing similar problems for a long time.

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