Kid Buu vs BuuHan: Who Is More Powerful In 'Dragon Ball'? 


Kid Buu is the authentic form of Majin Buu. He is the final antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z anime.  Kid Buu, unlike Buu's other forms, is very irrational and spontaneous. 

He is extremely powerful and dangerous due to his volatile personality.  In addition to his personality, another thing that makes him extremely powerful is his ability to absorb others' powers. By doing so, his physical features along with his powers change.

During his fight with Gohan, Kid Buu absorbed his powers and thus turned into BuuHan. In doing so, he turned taller and bulkier than his previous form. Let's find out if Kid Buu is stronger than BuuHan. 

Among the two forms, BuuHan is most definitely the stronger of the two. BuuHan has every power that Kid Buu has, but in addition, he also has Gohan's powers.

This may not seem like that big of a difference considering its only one creature's powers that Kid Buu doesn't have, but it is a big difference.  

 Gohan, like his father, is extremely powerful and quite possibly has the potential to become more powerful than Goku. This is why Gohan's powers make BuuHan extremely powerful. 

 Vegito, which is Goku and Vegeta's fusion, was able to cause damage to Kid Buu. However, upon transforming into BuuHan, that was no longer the case. Vegito had to transform into Super Saiyan to cause damage to the creature. 

This alone proves that BuuHan is much more powerful than Kid Buu. Although BuuHan may be stronger, it doesn't change the fact that Kid Buu is still one of the most dangerous villains in Dragon Ball. 

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