Kim Kardashian Buys Princess Diana's Necklace


Diana, Princess of Wales was known for her intelligence, personality, and calm demeanor.

Which is why Kim Kardashian decided to buy one of her necklaces. 

The reality star Diana’s iconic amethyst-and-diamond cross necklace in an auction held at Sotheby.

She paid an amount of $197,453 for it. As per the press release, four bidders competed in the last round of their yearly Royal & Noble sale.

Ultimately Kim’s rep won the bid “at more than double its pre-auction estimate.”

Also known as the Attallah Cross, the gem-encrusted necklace was worn by Diana in 1987 at a charity gala in London.

Diana's fashion sense has inspired several celebrities over the years.

Several celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Sandra Bullock have recreated Diana's look.

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