Kim Kardashian On Her Balenciaga Campaign Response


The Balenciaga ad campaign featuring BDSM-inspired teddy bears for children received widespread criticism.

Kim Kardashian talked about the criticism she received for her comments on the controversial campaign.

Even with the Balenciaga thing, it was like, everyone was like, ‘Why aren’t you speaking out? Why aren’t you speaking out?’” she said.

And I’m like, wait, I’m not in this campaign.” She continued, “Let me like take a minute to research this and then as soon as I saw what everyone was seeing on the internet and the reality of the situation, I completely spoke out and gave my thoughts on child porn and completely denounced it.”

She said that people were still unhappy with her because she didn’t cancel the brand.

In the same interview, Kim also said that co-parenting her four children with Kanye West is hard.

Co-parenting is hard.” “It’s really f*****g hard,” she continued.

She also said that her future boyfriends might be scared of Kanye.

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