King Charles III Reportedly Evicted Prince Harry Due To His Shots At Camilla


Prince Harry’s memoir Spare invited a lot of trouble for himself by releasing his memoir Spare which revealed a lot of secrets about his family.

Harry and Meghan Markle have been already removed from Frogmore Cottage but the new reports say that this happened because Harry targeted Queen Consort Camilla in the memoir.

Daily Mail reported that the king did not want to create more drama around an already difficult situation with his son.

According to The Mirror, Harry crossed at the accusations that Camilla leaked stories about Harry and Meghan to the media.

Harry has spoken about Camilla and her relationship with the press and has referred to her as the villain in various interviews where he appeared.

The Daily Mail also stated that King Charles began the eviction process back in January 2023 and this is important because it is the day after Spare was released.

King Charles III’s coronation has been on the headlines for a long time as several celebrity singers have refused to perform at the event.

But apart from everything else, Harry and Meghan’s appearance at the event is also being questioned considering that Harry’s relationship with Charles has already been affected for the memoir.

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