King Charles Spotted With Hole In His Sock During Royal Engagement


King Charles was recently seen visiting a holy spot in East London but his appearance created a lot of buzz on social media.

The reason was because a hole was spotted in his socks. This happened while he went to a mosque on Brick Lane in east London.

Charles was seen in a long black coat over a dress shirt and tie and Camilla was seen in an elegant white long coat.

Prince Harry

The duo arrived at the mosque and while he was taking off his shows, Charles disclosed that there was a hole in his sock above the knuckles of his right foot.

The pair then went to a restaurant and while Charles was offered a cup of tea, it was taken away after he dropped a sugar cube in it.

The visit of King Charles happened three months prior to the coronation ceremony which is scheduled to be held in London.

The coronation ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Buckingham Palace and it will be a festival that will go on for three days.

The event is scheduled to start on May 6 and end on May 8. The general public will also get to witness the event after tickets go for sale.

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