Kodak Black Threatens Crowd With His Belt After Someone Throws Water Bottle

Written By Khevna Shah

The 2023 Rolling Loud California music festival caught attention for two main reasons .

One for Kodak Black’s energetic performance and second because of the ‘water bottle incident’.

The South Florida Rapper was hit by a water bottle during his 20 minute  performance.

Kodak Black was decked up in an all- black bedazzled leather suit with sharp spikes on the shoulder of his coat.

Just before the end of his set, the rapper signed for his belt, while the DJ started playing 'Super Germlin'.

Just when he turned his back to the audience, someone threw a water bottle at him, which landed on his spiked suit.

The rapper stopped the music and asked the audience, “Who hit me with that water?” while waving the heavily-spiked belt as a joke.

He then proceeded to put on the spiked belt and resumed his performance.

Some fans were impressed by Kodak Black’s clam reaction, while others were disappointment in the person who threw the water bottle.

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