Kylie Jenner Reveals the Correct Way to Pronounce Baby Son Aire's Name


Kylie Jenner is letting fans know how to correctly pronounce the name of her 11 months old son.

Jenner and Travis Scott's 11 month old baby is now called 'Aire' instead of Wolf which the parent first kept as his name.

Recently, Jenner revealed the face and new name of her son that she shares with Travis Scott for the first time on her Instagram.

After the account 'KylieSnapchar' shared a post of her little boy with the caption  "Do you think it's pronounced air or airey?"

The mother of two wrote "AIR" in all caps with a red heart emoji next to it.  

Aire means Lion of God which according to the 25-year-old billionaire suits her son more than Wolf.

Jenner also shared the differences between her first and second pregnancies. "She was also resting more and took a huge step back by keeping her pregnancy to herself."

"As a working mom with a toddler, her pregnancy was very different. She experienced more stress trying to balance everything."

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