Lady Gaga Calls Taylor Swift 'Brave' For Talking About Eating Disorder


Lady Gaga recently applauded Taylor Swift for speaking up about eating disorder.

The 'Bad Romance' singer reminisced the 2020 documentary film 'Miss Americana' of Taylor Swift.

Lady Gaga took to Twitter to write, "That's really brave everything you".

The TikTok clip which was posted by Gaga, Taylor shared how she developed eating disorder after she gained popularity at a young age.

She described how she ate less and excercised more to fit herself into the "impossible" beauty standards.

Soon the 'Midnight' singer realised that these beauty standards are unrealistic and unnecessary.

“There is always some standard of beauty that you’re not meeting, ’cause if you’re thin enough then you don’t have that a— that everybody wants. But if you have enough weight on you that you have an a— then you’re stomach isn’t flat enough. It’s all just f**king impossible,” said Taylor.

“I’m a lot happier with who I am…I don’t care as much if like somebody points out that I gained weight it’s just something that makes my life better,”

She further added “The fact that I am a size six instead of a size double zero… I mean that wasn’t how my body was supposed to be.”

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