Light Vs L: Who Was More Intelligent In Death Note?

The first arc of Death Note is dominated by their vows to see each other dead and establish whose brand of justice is correct. Although Light prevails in this intellectual contest, L wasn't an idiot, in my opinion. Light was able to prevail because to Misa's Shinigami vision and the mysterious Death Note.

Since L Lawliet discovered the two most important aspects of the Death Note during the first several episodes of the anime, his deductive abilities and intuition are inhumane. We've seen Light and L competing head-to-head the entire anime

Light acknowledges that the only way they (L and crew) could find him would be if the death note was discovered. Light shouldn't be catchable by anyone. But L comes close. In just a few days, he is able to establish Kira's existence and pinpoint their geographical position.

L is able to stay one step ahead of Light despite having so many disadvantages and a complete lack of information, despite the many advantages Light possessed over him. He was able to reduce the suspect population from 7 billion to 3.5 million in just 3 days. Even when circumstances weren't in his favor, he was always able to adjust

Light has his successes and strengths, L is constantly one step ahead of him, which puts Light in a difficult situation. This is demonstrated when Light is compelled to give up the death note in order to save himself. For L, success was almost here. If Rem hadn't interfered, he would have captured Light.

Despite the fact that Light Yagami has aided the Japanese Police in a number of crimes and has emerged as the self-described "new God" Kira, he is no match for L, who has expertise cracking tough cases.

In fact, L Lawliet is the smartest character in Death Note and is smarter than Light Yagami. L may not have as high an IQ as Light, but he has superior planning, deductive reasoning, and attention to detail.

He did identify Kira without any help from hints or leads. Though Light himself was not bad either, he almost equally competed with L without any experience. Also, L is the sharpest character in the series, according to Tsugumi Ohba, the author of Death Note.

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