Lizzo Got Drunk With Adele After Smuggling Flasks Of Booze To Grammys 


Lizzo and Adele enjoyed a lot at the recent 2023 Grammy Awards but a lot of other things happened between both of them.

Lizzo recently admitted that she and Adele became so drunk that she had to smuggle in various flasks of booze into the spot.

While speaking at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Lizzo said that she was badly drunk and she was drinking so much with Adele that the duo were unaware of what was going on.

The duo were enjoying at the time when the cameras did not even focus on them and they were seen laughing and having conversations with each other.

Lizzo said that she was able to bring in a flask of tequila inside Arena where the event was held and one for Adele which consisted of white wine.

Lizzo stated that she finished her flask but she proceeded to finish off Adele’s flask. She said that she had three flasks on the table as she always remains prepared.

Lizzo mentioned that she does not know where she was sitting was Adele was sure about the same and they had a FaceTime conversation before rehearsing for Grammy.

Lizzo was able to grab an award at the recent event where she won the Record of the Year award got About Damn Time.

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