Luffy vs Blackbeard: Who Is More Powerful In ‘One Piece’?


Blackbeard is one of the most feared pirate captains in the series. He is feared not only by the citizens but he is also feared among the other pirates. 

Luffy is the founder and captain of the straw hats pirate crew. He is also the protagonist of the series and wants to become the pirate king.

Luffy and Blackbeard both are extremely powerful characters in the series. But when it comes down to it, Blackbeard is stronger than Luffy. 

Blackbeard has the power of two devil fruits and that alone gives him a very good edge in a fight. Luffy on the other hand only has the Gomu Gomu no Mi. 

On the other hand, Luffy can use all three types of Haki while Blackbeard can only use two types.

Even though Luffy can use these types of Haki and has a very powerful devil fruit, it doesn't give him an extraordinary edge. This is because even without a devil fruit, Blackbeard is very strong. 

In addition to the physical and power-based aspects, Blackbeard is also much more experienced in battle than Luffy. He also is much more cunning. 

These are the reasons why Blackbeard would wins in a fight with Luffy. But that is not to say that Luffy will never be able to defeat him, he is growing stronger with each chapter and might defeat Blackbeard as the series continues. 

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