M3GAN Sequel To Be Connected To Dwayne Johnson’s Fast And Furious Spin-Off? 


M3GAN has surprisingly made an impressive box office collection and has been received well despite the block buster 'Avatar: The Way of Water'. 

As the sci-fi horror has gained popularity with its creepy dance move by the android robot, naturally a talk about a sequel has been trending. 

Since, a thread on Twitter has been reeling about naming the title of the second sequel of M3GAN. And one of the tweets connect the horror movie to the Fast and Furious franchise.

The tweet names the supposedly second part- 'M3GAN: Hobbs and Shaw'. In an interview with Variety, M3GAN's star Allison Williams shared that the name "tickles me to no end".

The sci-fi horror revolves around an AI robot namely Model Three Generation, short for M3GAN. The maker of the robot tasks it with protecting its neice from physical and emotional harm. 

However the android toy starts taking its responsibilites too seriously and is even capable of murder. 

Therefore, it is indeed hilarious that one might connect the horror to the thriller 'Fast and Furious' franchise. 

The producer of the film, Jason Blum, is breaking a thirty year streak of not making a sequel. Jason confessed that he is motivated to go with another installment.

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