Madonna Is No Longer 'Swollen From Surgery' And She Praises Her 'Cute Face'


Madonna has been on the headlines for some time for a few reasons and she found another one to be on the trending spot once again.

Madonna was recently flaunting her cuteness and this comes two weeks after fans were confused regarding her appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

She wrote in a tweet on Monday where she mentioned that she looks cute now as the swelling from the surgery does not exist anymore.

Madonna’s picture featured her in a pair of distressed blue jeans over sheer tights, a black jacket and a black cap that read, Spiritually Hungry.

The news comes a few weeks later where she introduced Kim Petras on the stage of Grammy Awards. Petras was the first transwoman to perform at the show and also win a Grammy.

Her appearance became a topic of discussion and her fans started to speak about how her face has been looking entirely different.

Two days after the event, she criticized all those who decided to focus more on her looks instead of the speech she gave prior to the performance she introduced.

Madonna has never admitted or denied the rumors about her plastic surgery and she mentioned in 2012 that she is not against plastic surgery but she prefers not to discuss about it ever.

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