Madonna: Top 10 Most Controversial Moments


Madonna's 1984 VMA performance where she had a wardrobe malfunction and had to wither in her wedding dress costume to complete the performnace. 

Controversial imageries in her 1989 music video Like A Prayer, which resulted in unhappy religious groups and Pepsi dropping her from their ads. 

Her 1990 album Justify My Love was more controversial for its graphic imagery which led to MTV banning artist .  

Madonna's famous controversy would have been the release of her coffee table book named Sex which had shocked many. 

In 1994, Madonna even managed to make David Letterman a bit uncomfortable with a 20 minute rant which she made as he asked about her sex life. 

The 2003 MTV Video Music Awards Show saw Madonna making out with her co-performers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during the performance. 

At the 2006 Confessions tour, Madonna was seen mounting herself on a cross. The religious leaders were not happy but the singer said that she hadn't done anything to mock the church. 

Madonna was thrown out from Alamo Drafthouse in 2013  for texting. Later she was banned from all the future performances as she did the same two years later at another performance. 

Madonna kissing Drake at the 2015 Coachella performance was also a shock to both the world and also to Drake himself. 

She also put shade on Beyoncé and Jay Z by photoshopping her album covers on the wall arts in their music video Apeshit. 

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