‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’: Everything You Need To Know

The first look of the surprise third installment of the 'Magic Mike' franchise arrived. The photo sees Tatum returning as stripper/furniture designer Mike Lane as he pulls up his shirt for Salma Hayek’s character to feel around. Tatum posted the first look of his final ‘Magic Mike’ franchise film on Instagram and captioned: “All good things begin in Miami.”

The ‘Magic Mike’ series is based loosely on the experiences of Tatum in his younger days stripping in Florida, and the films turned him into the star he is today.

For fans of Channing Tatum, the actor has made their dreams come true by promising that the third film in the franchise is all about the dancing. While some movies focus on character development and meaningful storylines, according to the star, ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance‘ will concentrate on giving fans what they want: more of Mike in action.

Words on the streets initially was that ‘Magic Mike’ would be released straight to HBO Max. However, Warner Bros gave a statement last month that the film would be going the theatrical route. The release date of the highly anticipated Tatum’s movie is set on February 10, 2023. “The stripperverse will never be the same,” stated Tatum.

Tatum and Soderbergh launched the franchise with the 2012 film of the same name. It was followed by the 2015 sequel ‘Magic Mike XXL’, directed by Gregory Jacobs. The franchise has collected more than $286 million at the global box office.

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