Margot Robbie Was Horribly Cut Thousand Times During An Intimate Scene


2013's 'Wolf Of Wall Street' was an epic movie showing the crazy colors of the bullish stockbrokers. And it was even more bananas during Jordan and Naomi's intimate scene over a spread of money. 

However, the scene was not as passionate for the actress, Margot Robbie, as it was the viewers.

According to the "Dutchess", after the shooting of the scene Margot was left with thousands of cuts over her body. 

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio were shooting the scene over fake money but the actress wished it was real.

In the movie, Margot plays the second wife of ambitious stockbreaker, Jordon Belford, Naomi Lapaglia.

The actress told the Daly Beast, "Maybe real money is a bit softer, but the fake money is like paper, and when I got up off the bed, I turned around to get my robe and everyone gasped."

And the people at the set replied, "You look like you've been whipped a million times. Your back is covered in a thousand red scratches."

The producer of the film,  Martin Scorsese, offerd to censor the scene for Margot's comfort but the actress denied. 

"The whole point of Naomi is that her body is her only form of currency in this world. So when Marty was trying to help me out and said in the scene where she seduces Jordan perhaps I could have a robe on, I said she wouldn't," Margot told the Telegraph. 

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