Megan Fox Makes Wild Accusations Against Transformers Director Michael Bay


Michael Bay is currently facing legal issues relating to animal cruelty after killing a pigeon in Italy during one of his shoots.

"He wants to be like Hitler" says Megan Fox. But what was the reason for her to make such accusations against the Transformers director?

Getting charged with animal cruelty isn't the first time that Michael Bay has been accused or gotten into trouble.

Megan Fox is the first actress to charge Michael Bay and throw light onto the fact that he might just not be the best person to hangout with.

Meghan said that her time with Bay on the sets of Transformers was far from pleasant and she despised working with him 

Meghan also said that she was reduced to 'only looking sexy' and had been sexualized in the movie.

Michael Bay has apparently also agreed to the fact that Meghan was in Transformers only to be a commodity.

Following her accusations, Meghan Fox was then removed from the Transformers franchise.

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