Pelé Net Worth


Pelé  was born in Três Corações in Brazil. His father was his mentor who taught him Football. Pelé started his career in Santos FC, and he became the youngest player to score a goal in Football's history.

When he started playing for Brazil's national team, he won three World Cups. In 1958, Brazil won its first FIFA World Cup. Then in 1962, and when he was retiring, Brazil won in 1970 against Italy.

In his life according to him, he has scored 1,283 goals. Career wise, he has netted 680 goals when he played for Santos FC and at the international level, he has scored 77 goals.

Pelé  has won an honorary Ballon d'Or for his contribution to the sport. In 1993, he was inducted at the National Soccer Hall of Fame as he played for one and the only international club, the New York  Cosmos in 1975.

Pelé  has backed many humanitarian ventures like 46664, the organization fighting against HIV/AIDS. In 2018, he has founded 'Pelé Foundation' in collaboration with 'charity: water' and 'Pencils of Promise' with aim to aid other organizations to empower children and alleviate poverty and providing them education.

Pelé  have had two previous marriages with few extramarital affairs. But in 2016, he got married to Maria Cibele Aoki, a Japanese-Brazilian woman.

He was residing in Hamptons, but the football icon sold the $3.25 million property and shifted to Brazil.

Pelé 's net worth is $100 million. The football star has been face of Volkswagen and Hublot. He had his name rendered to a Brazilian coffee brand. 

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