Meghan Markle To Come Up With Spare Vol. 2


The Duke of Sussex made several allegations against the Royal family in his memoir Spare. The book has raised several eyebrows, despite becoming a best-seller.

Now it seems that Meghan Markle is also planning to write a book, Spare Volume 2.

According to a Washington-based British royal expert, Nile Gardiner, the Americans are turning up against the couple.

First the Oprah interview, then came the Netflix documentary, followed by Harry' memoir and now Meghan is also writing something.

Prince Harry

“Harry isn’t a popular figure in America, and nor is Meghan Markle,” Gardiner said.

“The Queen was massively popular in the US so he is increasingly seen as a negative and whining character in the US, he added.

The American public is starting to turn against both Harry and Meghan. Mainly because of the relentless blamegame.

The couple has been very public about their criticism of the Royals ever since they stepped down from their royal duties.

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