Meghan Markle Wants Her Children To Be More American Than British


Meghan Markle, also known as the Duchess of Sussex, has been on a tell-all spree lately along with her husband Prince Harry.

They have been giving interviews, doing a Netflix docu-series and publishing a memoir.

Amid all this, royal Author Tom Quinn has revealed something about the couple's children.

"I think it's extremely unlikely they'll suddenly come back and take part in the sort of activities that younger royals take part in over here, you know, they're going to be American through and through and I think that's the way Meghan wants it," he said.

Prince Harry

Quinn also said that Meghan wants her children to have a career in media and not a "glittering royal career" since they are living in the US and are surrounded by celebrities all the time.

This comes just weeks after the couple was evicted from the Frogmore Cottage by King Charles III.

It is still unclear whether Harry and Meghan will attend the coronation ceremony or not.

They have received an invitation for the event, that's slated to take place in May this year.

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