Meghan Markle's 2014 Blog Post On Royals Resurfaced


Meghan Markle, also known as the Duchess of Sussex, has been doing a lot of things lately.

A blog post from Meghan’s now-defunct website titled ‘The Tig‘ written in 2014 has resurfaced.

In it, she expressed her thoughts on the British royal family.

The blog was written two years before she actually met Prince Harry.

Prince Harry

She wrote that she was tired of hearing “endless conversation” around Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding.

Markle further wrote that she was not like girls who “dream of being princesses,” as she focuses on “She-Ra, Princess of Power” (a reference to He-Man).

Grown women seem to retain this childhood fantasy,” the ‘Suits‘ actress wrote.

Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate.”

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