Megyn Kelly Blasts Madonna For 'Sick' Grammys Look


Madonna made a surprise appearance on the eve of the 65th Grammy Aawrds. However the legendary singer's look took everyone by surprise.

Madonna presented the singing duo, Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their performance and made a strong speech. But the potency of the words was lost somewhere.

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Celebrities and fans claim they barely recognized the singer. And American journalist, Megan Kelly called Madonna an "unwell"  person on her podcast, 'The Megan Kelly Show'.

Madonna is 64-years-old, and the singer has evidently gone through some cosmetic alterations. Kelly stated her new look as, "This is a sickness". 

Megan wondered if this reflected the unrealistic standards of beauty of Madonna, the society's, or the celebrity's bubble.

Madonna recceived much backlash over her new look on various media plateforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Some of the tweets read, "Letting yourself age gracefully is far more beautiful than plastic surgery."

"I don’t hate Madonna for doing this to herself. I hate that we live in a society where she thinks she has to do this to herself."

Madonna replied with a tweet of her own, "The world is threatened by my power and my stamina. My intelligence and my will to survive. But they will never break me ..this is all the test."

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