Mo'Nique Reveals Why She Still Wants A Public Apology From Oprah Winfrey


Mo’Nique has recently addressed the disputes that she had in all this time. She has specifically spoken about her problems with Oprah Winfrey.

The problems began in 2004 after meeting Lee Daniels and while she appeared in his film, Shadowboxer, they continued to remain in touch. Although the film was a success, Mo’Nique disagreed to go on a press tour, leading to a rift.

Mo’Nique was not ready to enter a flight for the Cannes Film Festival and Daniels also told her in a phone call that this might not end up well for her.

Mo’Nique said  that this was the problem and explaining further on why she did not want to go to France, she revealed the reasons.

Mo’Nique mentioned while speaking to Oprah Winfrey that she is doing a talk show and that she has a husband and children and that she won’t take advantage of her downtime.

Mo’Nique found it hard to work anymore and although she refused to participate in the Precious Oscars’ campaign, while winning an accolade, she did not thank Daniels in her speech but expressed her gratitude towards Winfrey and Tyler Perry.

Winfrey then hosted Mo’Nique’s family but not the comedian in an episode of her show and Winfrey also called Mo’Nique saying that her brother Gerald Imes was trying to apologize for molesting her when they were kids.

Things started to get worse but they later had a conversation and Winfrey also apologized to Mo’Nique that she apologizes if she has done anything that has offended her.

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