More Movies Like M3GAN With Mix Of Horror And Sci-fi


M3GAN has exceeded expectations with a box-office collection of $45 million worldwide. With James Cameron's 'Avatar: The Way of Water' still on screen, the sci-fi horror was not shadowed by the former's glam and buzz.

M3GAN, short for Model Three Generation, is an android AI Robot toy. Its maker tasked the machine with protecting its neice from emotional and physical danger. But things go gravely wrong as the robot friend goes to extreme lengths to accomplish its task.

James Wan's production have given us yet another thrilling, creepy doll movie. On its first weekend M3GAN has done outstandingly in the US and Canada. Critics praise its goosebump raising quality. Lets see more movies like M3GAN produced in the past.

1. The Boy (2016) Mr and Mrs Heelshire, a wealthy couple, hire a nanny to take care of their boy, Brahams. Greta, his nanny, is shocked when she finds that the boy is a doll. When Greta break Brahams rules, she discovers Brahams is much alive like her.

2. Ex Machina (2014) Caleb, a young programmer, is invited by a billionaire to volunteer for a scientific experiment. Nathan, the billionaire, wants to monitor the interactions between Caleb and a robot with Artificial Intelligence. Ex Machina is available to watch on Prime Videos.

3. Demon Seed (1997) Susan does not like the machine fortress that she lives in with her husband, Harris. She is more uncomfortable with the new AI Harris is developing, Proteus. Soon Susan finds her intuitions true when she finds herself locked in her house and forcibly impregnated by the superintelligent programme.

4. I Am Mother (2019) Daughter finds herself torn between the reality beyond the walls of her upbringing and the love and mission of her mother, who is a robot, to give humanity a second chance at survival. The movie is available on Netflix.

5. I, Robot (2004) Detective Spooner, infamous for his dislike for robots, suspects Sonny, programmed with advanced AI, for the murder of Dr Lanning. With the help of Dr Susan, Spooner finds that Sonny has not been following the three laws of robotics.

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