Most Shocking British Royal Family Scandals


King Edward VIII Married A Divorced Woman He gave his throne for love, marrying a socialite Wallis Simpson. They lived together until he died in 1972.

Princess Margaret And Captain Peter Townsend Townsend, who was married, divorced his then-wife to be with Margaret. But the Church frowned upon divorce, and sadly the engagement was called off in 1955.

Margaret Married Anthony Armstrong Jones She found love again with the photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones. However, a divorce finally happened in 1978 after two years of separation.

Princess Diana and James Gilbey Media outlets produced conversation transcripts between Princess Diana and a man named James Gilbey. She confirmed the conversation did happen, but it wasn't amorous.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles According to some, Charles and Camilla were too close to be friends. It all proved true when a transcript of their conversation was made public, leading to Charles leaving Diana.

Princess Diana's Infamous Television Interview She talked about her struggles with postpartum depression, constantly being in the public eye, and confessing her infidelity. She also talked about Charles and Camilla. 

Princess Anne Married A Royal Staff Member Anne's involvement with Naval officer Timothy Laurence came to light. They communicated through vivid, sexually charged letters. Soon, they were together and remained so till day.

Sarah Ferguson's "Toe-Licking" Incident Paparazzi snapped a picture of Sarah Ferguson having her toe licked by John Bryan, her financial advisor

Prince Andrew's Friendship With Jeferrey Epstein  He was close friends with Jererrey Epstein, who was awaiting trial for sex-trafficking charges. Allegedly, Epstein tried to procure a 17-old Virginia Roberts for Prince Andrews to have sex with.

Prince Harry's Autobiography 'Spare' Prince Harry reveals various jaw-dropping facts about his upbringing, going into excruciating detail about losing his virginity, estrangement from his family, military service, and his memory of his mother Diana.

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