MrBeast Gets His Video Composed By Hans Zimmer


It rarely happens that an award-winning legendary film composer does scoring for a YouTube video.

But MrBeast’s popularity is such that it seems no one rejects his offers these days.

For his recent video, the YouTuber went to spend some time in Antarctica.

That is where Oscar winner composer Hans Zimmer was also living. The YouTuber convinced Zimmer to score his video, all within mere 12 days.

In the video, the creator spends 50 hours outside the Union Glacier area.

The video titled, I Survived 50 Hours in Antarctica was uploaded on December 24.

The original music piece, Antarctica or Bust, will be released on Spotify through Bleeding Fingers Music.

In a statement, Donaldson said: “The moment I heard Hans was there too, I knew I had to work with him on this no matter what it took. No one else would understand what surviving in such a crazy place is like! We had to get it done super quick, and when we reached out, he was just as excited”.

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