Naruto Vs Boruto: Who Would Win In A Fight? 


Naruto got most of his powers from being a jinchuriki and the six paths chakra. Whereas Boruto got most of his powers from his Jogan and Karma seals.

Attribute-wise, Boruto is stronger than his dad. Boruto has 120 in strength, 90 in intelligence and negotiation, and 160 in dexterity. 

Naruto on the other hand has 110 in strength, 170 in intelligence and negotiation, and 160 in dexterity.

If a fight were to happen between the current Naruto and Boruto, Naruto would annihilate his son. Despite being stronger than Naruto theoretically, Boruto would be unable to defeat his father.

Naruto has extremely high chakra reserves and his senjutsu and Rasengan alone would be tough for Boruto to handle. 

Boruto may be able to fight toe-to-toe with his father using Jogan and his Karma mark, but he would ultimately lose. 

In addition to having a wider variety of Chakra, Naruto also has more experience than his son. This would lead to him winning the battle. 

That is not to say, however, that Naruto would always win. Naruto is currently at the peak of his power and Boruto will continue to grow. In the future, there is a big possibility that Boruto would overpower his father. 

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